Quenas Peruvian restaurant in Harrison, NY. Fine Authentic Peruvian Cuisine

Harrison's Peruvian Restaurant

109 Halstead Avenue,
Harrison, NY. 10528

Telephone: (914) 630-4646

Quenas in Harrison, NY. Peruvian Restaurant Peruvian Cuisine
Quenas Peruvian Restaurant

Quenas in Harrison, NY

Our restaurant in the area, Westchester County in the beautiful town of Harrison, one of the main avenues Halstead Ave # 109... About Quenas Restaurant
Quenas Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian cuisine

In our cuisine, the Pacha mama gives us the best, in the hands of our chef is expertly prepared and to be served with the intent to please not only tastes but also the... Our Dinner Menu
Quenas Peruvian Reservations
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Step into our restaurant and step into Peru!

Dine in Harrison, NY.

Visit us in Harrison and enjoy authentic Peruvian food.

Quenas Restaurant in Harrison, NY

If you have a craving for fine authentic Peruvian Cuisine, then you will enjoy Harrison's Peruvian Restaurant. Are address is: 109 Halstead Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528. Come in and enjoy Peru

Dinning at Quenas

At Quenas we have a lot to choose from.

Dinning in Peru

Are you in the mood for a Peruvian food favorite meal like Lomo Saltado or Ceviches. Or maybe you would prefer Peruvian coffee or just a regular cup of tea. What ever you desire, we can satisfy your delight. Come in and come to Peru's Cuisine.

Our Decor

Come to our restaurant...Come to Peru!

Our Dacorations

The first step into our restaurant is like a step into Peru. From our decorations to our video and music that are projected on the wall which help to transport you from New York to Peru.


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